Malaysia is a diverse and multicultural country. Given the country's rich history, it is a mosaic of different cultures coming together. For anyone seeking a new experience with warm and welcoming people, and also lots of sunshine, this really is the place to be. 

When it comes to working and living in Malaysia, here is what you can expect:

  • Lots of adventures and opportunities to travel. City, suburb, jungle, village, beaches, nature - there's something for everyone, and it'll take you some time to explore this beautiful country. 
  • Different people, different cultures, different experiences. There is so much for you to experience as you meet new people and learn more about this culturally rich country. 
  • Food! The very thing that brings everyone together. It's the glue that holds us in place. Be prepared to have a rigorous fitness regime because you're going to need it to burn off all the food you'll be eating. 
  • Friendly people everywhere. From your colleagues to the "mak cik" (aunty) you buy breakfast from, everyone greets you with a smile. 
  • A high-performing culture in the workplace. Excellence and integrity are some of the common values in a group such as Sunway.