SIS’s two-year Kindergarten Programme is based on the curriculum expectations of Canada’s Ontario Full Day Kindergarten Programme. 

Our SIS kindergarten educators guide our young students to learn through play and inquiry.  Based on up-to-date information on child development and how children learn best, our SIS Kindergarten Programme provides a smooth transition from home or child-care settings and a strong foundation for formal learning in primary grades.



Teaching & Learning Strategies

The teaching and learning strategies of SIS's Full Day Kindergarten (FDK) Programme are set out to build students' foundation and nurture the whole student. 

Through a student-centred framework, crucial skills are nurtured and developed such as literacy, numeracy, global competencies, and 21st-century skills. To support students' health and wellness, daily physical activities are incorporated into their daily lessons.  

Resources are carefully selected and lessons are curated according to student dynamics and diversity in the classroom.