SIS takes students on a learning journey that is beyond the classroom. Opportunities to gain knowledge, pick up new skills and discover students' potential are beyond schooling hours and can take place within and out of school. 


As a school, SIS highlights a different virtue every month as part of SIS's endeavour to equip students with global competencies. These virtues allow the school to maximise students' potential while serving as a reminder to the rest of the SIS Community.

Character Ed
  • Tolerance - February 
  • Courage - March 
  • Excellence - April 
  • Leadership - May
  • Gratitude - June
  • Respect - August 
  • Creativity - September 
  • Integrity - October 
  • Risk Taking - November 
  • Optimism - December


The SIS Classroom is one without walls. When in school, students have the opportunity to explore learning outdoors wherever relevant. Out-of-class activities, field trips, and camps bring students out into the world and into new invigorating environments to teach them about local history, nature and contemporary culture. 

Elementary School students go on excursions that are closer such as:

Singapore Zoo

At IBMYP, DP and CP levels, students venture further with trips to local and international destinations.

Kuala Lumpur Istana Negara