The core of everything we do at SIS is our SIS Community. If you take some time to browse our website, you will notice the term appears repeatedly. 

While our students are our main priority, we know we are nothing without our teachers and staff who form a critical part of the SIS Community. Every layer of our organisation recognises this which is why we strive to take care of our people. 

When it comes to working at SIS, stability is something we truly value. We know that employees need this, and we are proud of our staff retention and stability. 

Part of that comes from our open and transparent environment. Everyone has a voice, and everyone can contribute ideas, feedback, and opinion at any time. Support, guidance, and training are given to all staff, and everyone gets the opportunity to grow as we grow. 

Working with SIS is an amazing opportunity because:

  • It is a complete non-profit with surpluses reinvested in education
  • Provides a truly international experience with students from more than 30 countries
  • Students tend to have a strong background in English, well behaved and are highly motivated
  • Offers an excellent balance between lifestyle and work commitments
  • The Sunway Education Group is committed to global sustainability objectives
  • The work environment includes modern, clean, and well-resourced facilities and a brand new SISKL campus

We really are a close-knit bunch, and if you would like to join us, we welcome you to submit an updated resume, cover letter, and current references to, and we will do our best to reply in due time.