As students graduate from SIS and progress to top universities worldwide, they embark on a journey equipped with all the skills and tools they need. Many of our SIS alumni are pursuing careers they are passionate about while others are working in global organisations such as Microsoft, Crowe, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and many others. 

SIS alumni return regularly to their alma mater to offer advice and assistance to their juniors. Who our alumni are today and the significance of what they do are humbling testimonies of what SIS has and continues to do in education.

Where They Are Now

Alumni Wall of Fame

SIS Alumni Network

Even beyond their years in SIS, our alumni continue to keep in touch with one another and connect with other SIS alumni from different graduating classes. Many alumni pursuing their studies abroad form groups in their respective universities to provide guidance and support for one another.  

We welcome all alumni to join the SIS Alumni Network to stay connected and join specially organised alumni events or get the latest news of the school in the future.


Sharing Session @ Career Week

Sharing Session @ Career Week

Alumni Game - Volley Ball

Alumni Game - Volley Ball



Marshmallow Game

Marshmallow Game

Networking Dinner

Networking Dinner

Alumni Game - Dodge Ball

Alumni Game - Dodge Ball

From the Global Alumni

Want to know where SIS can bring you?
Let's hear from our alumni all around the world,
where they are now and what they love about SIS!

Masaki Nakamura

Masaki Nakamura, 2017 Graduate
Material Science and Engineering - Imperial College London, United Kingdom

“Supportive environment”

Coming from Japan where English is not commonly spoken, I was afraid I may not adapt well to studying in SIS. In the end, there was no reason to worry. I had supportive classmates and teachers, many of whom came from other countries themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed my studies and made many new friends.

Pranay Prem Dakshanadaran

Pranay Prem Dakshanadaran, 2018 Graduate
Political Science & International Relations - University of Toronto, Canada

“Realising my potential”

My years in SIS gave me all the challenges I needed – both academically and extracurricularly. The teachers & staff have been all exemplary, providing guidance whether in the subject matters, or skills that are not typically taught in classes. Studying in SIS has helped me realise my potential by looking out at the world and discovering that my dreams are possible!

Adilet Tursyn

Adilet Tursyn, 2009 SIS Graduate
IT and Economics - University of Queensland, Australia

“Culturally diversified”

Cultural diversity was a major component that I loved during my stay at SIS. I’ve made lifelong friendships and met many wonderful people from various parts of the world. Diversity among the teaching staff was present just as much as it was among the students. I was consistently encouraged and motivated to push beyond my comfort zones, challenge and express myself, and fully explore my capabilities.

Wee Su Fen

Wee Su Fen, 2019 Graduate
Environmental Science - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

“Open doors and opportunities”

Studying IBDP at SIS has given me more opportunities to learn and experience the skills such as time management, analytical and critical thinking, research, and more, which we normally don’t learn until we are in university or started working. IBDP has opened many doors and opportunities for me with its recognition and academic rigour.

Carina Anne Gnanou

Carina Anne Gnanou, 2019 Graduate
International Engineering Programme - École Superieure d’Ingenieurs en Genie Electrique (ESIGELEC), France

“Teachers the best aspect”

My teachers, the best aspect of the school, encouraged me to pursue my passions, nurturing me into the person that I have become today. They have always inspired me to learn more, to ask more questions, to explore more than what is being taught. The teachers are there every step of the way, available for questions and resolving doubts.


Chatarina Hanny Angelita Teja, 2020 Graduate
Psychology - University of Melbourne, Australia

“Supports international culture”

I chose SIS due to its incorporation of internationally-based culture. I feel like I fit in more in SIS than in Indonesia. The teachers and friends’ open-mindedness and moral support proved to be the greatest experience I’ve had. The Canadian curriculum provides extensive understanding and learning in academic subjects, and builds awareness on community and environmental care.

Radhanath Thialan

Radhanath Thialan, 2012 Graduate
Dance & Choreography - University of California (Irvine), USA

“Nurture talent, excel academically”

SIS helped nurture my talent through many opportunities such as Open Mics and Performance Night. The assessment structure moulded me to be more consistent as a person. Coursework, presentations and assignments truly are a preparation for students to further their studies in colleges and universities, as the standard is high. SIS brought me various benefits academically and fond memories of high school.

Pavithran Devananthan

Pavithran Devananthan, 2015 Graduate
Engineering - University of Canterbury, New Zealand

“Excellent stepping stone”

SIS was an excellent stepping stone for me to get to where I am today. I enjoyed all of my experiences at the international school. The teachers I met were great and dedicated, and the friendships I developed are still a big part of my life now. Overall, SIS has been one of the best chapters of my life. Until today, I will still visit SIS every time I return to Malaysia.

Shanna Chung Sim Ler

Shanna Chung Sim Ler, 2016 Graduate
Architecture - Architectural Association School of Architecture, United Kingdom

“Develop critical thinking and analytical skills”

SIS helped me to develop strong critical thinking and analytical skills through the teachers’ encouragement and support. The strong emphasis on extracurriculars and community service has enriched my high-school life in SIS, allowing me to accumulate a well-rounded high school experience. SIS has been a place of growth that has prepared me for the future in more ways than just academically.

Tommy Tho

Tommy Tho, 2015 Graduate
Computer Science - University of British Columbia, Canada

“Priceless experience”

What makes SIS unique is the curriculum style and how teachers knit a close bond with students to make the classroom experience more fun and engaging. I was able to explore all my academic and extracurricular interests freely with the guidance of my teachers and the support of my classmates. I leave SIS knowing that the education and experience I have received was priceless and has become a significant part of my student career.