The Buddy Up Programme at SIS is a student-led programme designed to assist and provide guidance for students at SIS in adjusting to their social life at school. 

Why Buddy Up? 
The programme facilitates the transition to a new environment, helps students buddying up to assimilate and feel comfortable, and create new meaningful bonds with their buddies that may carry on even after the programme ends.

Who is the Buddy Up Programme for? 

New students:
This buddy can make new students feel welcome, answer questions and help them navigate through the school’s culture and environment

International students: 
Students from overseas would feel more comfortable and achieve a sense of acceptance and belonging in a new environment.

Middle school students:
It is beneficial for those who are preparing to transition to the different social and academic expectations in high school.

Grade 9 & 10 students:
Students are made to feel part of the group and gain more confidence in dealing with their increasing social and academic concerns.

How does it work?

Students will be paired with a Buddy Leader who will act as their guide to SIS. 

Each pair will be assigned a copy of the Buddy Up Guide that need to be completed by the end of the semester

Through weekly meet-up and activities, students will soon get to know more about both their Buddy Leader and the SIS Community.

Buddy Up