The focal point of SIS and our community is our students. Our students and their families currently hail from more than 50 countries. When they join us, they bring with them their unique culture and ways of thinking, working, and dreaming. The exciting mix of local and international students along with teachers from different parts of the world make SIS truly international. 

Our community focuses on creating the best possible learning experience for students to help them develop academically, build confidence, and explore their interests, passions and talents. Many of them achieve greatness in not just their academics but also their extracurricular and personal pursuits.

Student Council

Student Council

Leading the student body at SIS are the Middle School and High School Student Councils (STUCOs). If our students are the heart of SIS, our STUCOs are the voice of SIS.

Students are exposed to opportunities to contribute and find ways of enriching their own learning environment for the benefit of all students, as well as the greater community. This is done through school-wide events, trips and charitable fund-raising.

High School StuCo

Since its inception, the Student Council has raised funds through regular “Bake Sales”, fun-themed “Dress Down Days” and introduced cultural celebrations for our diverse community of students to get involved in local and international festivities, such as “Iftar” (Ramadhan breaking of fast) and “Chuseok” (Korean Thanksgiving) dinners. 

From the Students' Books

Find out what SIS students are capable of and get to know them a little better! 

Aaron Kaam


I am currently the president of the Student Council in SIS. I joined the Student Council because I've always wanted to do something for the school, making a difference and allowing students to shine as we thrive to be the best versions of ourselves. 

SIS has given me many opportunities, one of them is being part of the school musical. In the beginning, I never liked performing and acting, let alone singing in front of people but this opportunity allowed me to be more confident in myself. SIS has also given me the opportunity to take part in a variety of extracurricular activities like sports clubs (volleyball, basketball, badminton, etc.), student council, debate club, and many more. There are also events like our SNaPS (Sunway National Poetry Slam), SIS Got Talent (Talent Show), and many more! These opportunities allow me to grow and experience many things that I may be good in and leverage these skills in the future. 

I hope to study Architecture or Performing Arts as I enjoy art, mathematics, and acting. I believe those are my strong points that I could succeed in in the future.

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Dillon Choo


As an active sportsperson, I am honoured to be able to represent my school. I am proud to say that I was chosen to be part of the school team for the Canadian Classic 2019 team to Macau, China. Events included swimming, cross-country, athletics, taekwondo and badminton. 

I am very honoured and humbled to be chosen as Sports Scholar from 2020 to 2022, won twice as the Student of the Month for both November 2020 and August 2021, awarded the Sportsmanship Award in 2020 and the most recent is the Citizenship Award. 

I hope to be able to represent Malaysia as a professional badminton player in the near future and to complete my studies at the same time.

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Radhanath Thialan

Radhanath Thialan

Radhanath graduated from SIS in 2012 and completed Ontario Grade 12 (CIMP) at Sunway College before pursuing his studies in Arizona, US. Today, Radhanath is the Associate Artistic Director at Yaya Dance Academy.

He holds a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Dance from the University of California, Irvine. He also founded Rad-icalDance Company.

Read more about Radhanath's journey to be a top choreographer based in the US here: https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/leisure/2021/03/09/hes-rad-hes-hot-and-he-trips-the-light-fantastic/


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Voon Yik Jin

Voon Yik Jin

Voon Yik Jin joined the Canadian (Ontario) programme at SIS in 2018. She's an SIS & Sunway College A-Level alumnus. She has been accepted into the Imperial College London for Medical Bioscience programme commencing October 2021.

"SIS is a non-judgmental and forgiving environment that heightened my sense of values like compassion and care for one another within the community, and shaped me in that mold. As an international-bound student, the Ontario curriculum in SIS has equipped me with diverse knowledge, wide perspectives, an open mind, and an adventurous spirit.

Post SIS, I have continued to take Saturday classes in French, and intend to continue at university. But it was SIS that gave me my fourth language that may open up avenues later."

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