Sunway Cambridge International Programme (IGCSE)

In considering Sunway Cambridge programme, you are not only selecting the most popular internationally recognised qualification, but placing your child in the Sunway community where your child receives personalised coaching and guidance to achieve their personal best. With the school’s emphasis of holistic development through the provision of a range of co-curricular programmes, we challenge our students to build their interest, explore their strengths and strategically select activities to build their personal portfolios that matches their strengths and interests. 
The programme incorporates the development of 21st century skills to ensure your child is an effective learner and leader. Alongside intellectual excellence, we pursue excellence of character, emphasised by the values of integrity and humility. Our certified teachers design learning experiences in the classroom that connects knowledge and skills, resulting in student-initiated action anchored in explorations of Sustainable Development Goals issues.

Head Of Programme

Message By Head Of Programme

Welcome to the Sunway International Schools (SIS), Sunway Cambridge International Programme, incorporating the Primary and Secondary age phases, culminates in the globally recognised Cambridge IGCSE examinations. 

As an experience education leader, with over 30 years of international school leadership experience, primarily having worked with Cambridge curriculum, with integrated holistic, inquiry-based learning strategies, I am thrilled and privileged to acknowledge the programme's academic rigour and strong preparation of young minds, with additional focus devoted to the development of well-rounded citizens and next generations leaders. 

As the head of programme, I am looking forward to collaborating with our Cambridge Programme professional educators who hold wealth of experience, and who will provide a solid foundation of support and guidance towards successful learning outcomes, whilst empowering students in leadership, character development, and forging a pathway to future career success. 

As an integral part of our ecosystem, within Sunway Education Group, we are looking forward to partnering and engaging with you as we nurture minds and build character together, enabling our next generation to embrace a future filled with hope, sustainability and growth. 

Karen McClymont,
Head of Programme - Cambridge

Tamerin Raw

Message By Primary Cambridge Coordinator

Welcome to the Sunway International Schools (SIS) Cambridge Programme (IGCSE).

It is with immense gratitude that I assume the role of Primary Cambridge Coordinator at Sunway International Schools. With over 26 years of dedicated experience in education, encompassing roles as a teacher, therapist and leading teachers to meet the needs of all learners in their classes, I am deeply honored to continue my professional journey within the SIS community. My motto is supporting children to be the best they can be, in supporting children we also support and collaborate with you the parents to ensure the child develops holistically.

In my capacity as the Primary Cambridge Coordinator, I am privileged to possess a comprehensive understanding of the Cambridge curriculum and a steadfast commitment to the department's vision and mission. Our primary objective is to imbue the curriculum with vitality by fostering student engagement through a multi-sensory, integrated approach. We embrace thematic, cross-curricular teaching methodologies alongside the Cambridge English and Science programs.

Furthermore, we are proud to announce the enhancement of our Mathematics program through a unique blend of the Singapore Math and Cambridge Curriculums. This innovative approach not only equips students with essential mathematical concepts and skills for everyday application but also nurtures cognitive and metacognitive abilities through a problem-solving framework. By transitioning from hands-on manipulatives to pictorial models and abstract equations, we ensure a comprehensive grasp of mathematical principles.

Moreover, our Cambridge students will engage in Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) alongside their counterparts following the Ontario Canadian curriculum. This integration allows for a unified representation of SIS, fostering a cohesive learning environment for all our students.

At Sunway International Schools, we are deeply committed to instilling core values such as respect, compassion, collaboration, integrity, responsibility, and excellence in our students. These values are seamlessly woven into our teaching methodologies and student learning experiences, ensuring holistic development and nurturing well-rounded individuals.

Join us at Sunway International Schools, where education transcends boundaries, and every student's potential is nurtured with care and dedication.

Tamerin Raw
Primary Cambridge Coordinator

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