Following Canada’s Ontario curriculum, subjects are categorised as Core or Rotary. 
Grades 6 - 8 students explore four core subjects - Mathematics, English, The Arts, and Social Studies. These subjects are taught by the homeroom teacher who employs inter-disciplinary (cross-curricular) teaching approaches across these subject areas. Also, the homeroom teacher can focus on individual students’ strengths and learning needs. 
Additional to the core subjects are the rotary subjects – Languages (French, Mandarin, Malay), Science, Health and Physical Education. Rotary subjects are taught by subject specialists.

The literacy skills students learn are more than just reading and writing; they learn how to communicate in society. As the school prepares them for the future, students learn how to use the English language to communicate effectively, think critically and make meaningful connections with individuals and communities.

Mathematics in Middle School goes beyond numeracy skills. Students learn how to apply their knowledge and skills across other subject areas. In line with STEM education, students will also develop transferable skills applicable to real-world contexts.  

Science and technology go beyond understanding concepts covered in a textbook. Students learn to relate the knowledge they gain to society and the environment besides developing the skills, strategies, and habits of mind required for scientific inquiry and technological problem-solving. 

The knowledge, understanding, and attitudes students develop in social studies, history, and geography will nurture them into becoming informed citizens who value an inclusive society. The curriculum is developed in such a way that they will have the skills needed to solve problems and communicate ideas, decisions and thoughts about real-life developments and events.

The curriculum helps students develop mental health and wellbeing, physical and health literacy, and movement competence that support the development of character and healthy, active living. Besides having kinesthetic learning opportunities, students will develop movement skills and apply movement concepts and strategies in games, sports, dance, and various other physical activities.

The study of other languages aids with the development of language skills and cultural awareness which are both integrated. By learning different languages, students discover different cultures’ distinctive forms of expression. They will also learn to communicate with communities locally and abroad. 

The Arts is a subject that covers more than creative engagement and expressive participation. It is a subject that nourishes and stimulates the imagination, provides students with an expanded range of tools and techniques to help them gain insights into the world around them and express themselves in various ways.